Masters Gathered in Bologna Exhibition

In recent days, my Wechat Moments (an App similar to Facebook) is full of information and photos of the CERSAIE, an annual event indicating the trend of international ceramic industry. Ceramic manufacturers, masters of interior design, and even real estate developers pay close attention to the exhibition. Now, I am going to show to you what is happening and what kinds of products are on display in Bologna.

Top ceramic brands of different countries gathered in Bologna, showing their latest technologies and the best products through their one-of-a-kind stand design. Being trendy, simple, rustic and comfortable, SUMMIT’s booth attracted a large number of ceramic masters and experts from all over the globe.  



Products displayed at the CERSAIE normally lead the trend of ceramic design. 

Let’s see what kind of products are in vogue this year.

Product Design: Being rustic and simple, wood grain tiles, rock-like tiles, antique cement tiles, metallic glaze and sandstone are still people’s favorites, as the natural texture can unwind the users and make them feel comfortable. SUMMIT’s core concept, “Slow Life, Slight Luxury”, coincides with the focus of the mainstream products on show.


Product Application:  Most brands display their products in an ingenious way. They exert themselves to select the best color scheme and create various paving patterns by stack bond, stretcher bond and geometric paving, trying to make the products as pleasant to eyes as possible. Displayed tiles processed by diamond cutting and geometric cutting are arresting and popular as well.


It can be easily seen from the products design and application that minimalist style is the trend of interior decoration of modern home. To be fashionable, simple, natural, rustic and distinct is what minimalist perceive as lifestyle. In bustling cities, natural, cozy and randomly decorated living space enables us to relax and rest our hearts by finding the real self in a natural home.


The exhibition will last till September 30.

We are there to welcome you.

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