1992 - 1998

At the end of 1992, Mr. Ye Delin (the chairman of NewPearl Ceramics Group) built a struggle objective for the establishing Nanhai Pearl Decorative Tiles Factory which was to launch the brand of “Guanzhu” in 1993, design the Logo for the enterprise and put forward to the concept of “Quality is life for an enterprise”. Since then, it started the journey of becoming a century enterprise by regarding quality as the most important point in the industry.

1998 - 2003

At the end of 1998, after the enterprise transformation was accomplished, in order to reach a new level and look for larger development, the NewPearl Group, in a way of “Eating dying fish” decidedly, adopted a strategy of “Expanding in a low cost” so that the enterprise rose against the trend and flourished from then on.

2003 - 2007

Self built industrial parks and implemented intensive development. In 2003, the Chairman Ye Delin had been to Italy for investigation and study for six times and then proposed to build “production plants” in the form of building industrial parks. In December in 2003, the Sanshui New Pearl Hi-tech Building Ceramics Production Base, the first industrial park, was started to be invested and constructed which symbolized that the NewPearl Ceramics Group entered a new era from the dispersive factory-type construction to the scale and specialized industrial-park-type intensive development. In December in 2006, the NewPearl Group invested huge capital to build the Guangdong Summit New-type Construction Materials Production Base which was specialized in manufacturing polished tiles, the second industrial park, in Lubu Town, Gaoyao District, Zhaoqing City. Therefore, NewPearl Group has accelerated the traditional industry to promote in the transferring throughout integrated innovation, stepped on the new industrialized road consciously and stood the new start of scientific development.

2007 - 2009

On August 29th, 2007, the NewPearl Ceramics Group officially launched a new strategy which was “Going out of Guangdong and developing nationwide”. After that, it built NewPearl Building Ceramics Production Base in Gaoan City, Jiangxi Province which created a new development model of “Manufacturing products in sales regions” and began a new layout of national development strategy. As a result, the NewPearl Ceramics Group stepped on a new journey of becoming much stronger and more and more powerful.

2009 - 2014

After consolidating the main business foundation, the new Pearl Group once again adjust the development strategy, up and downstream extension. 2009 into the real estate field, in 2010 funded holding a national design qualification of the Guangdong Urban Construction Design Institute, formally embarked on a new stage of industrial chain integration, has taken a high industrial chain integration, innovation and development of new roads , Based on ceramic-based, integrated industry chain, the headquarters economy to add new growth points.

2015 - to Now

Marched on real estate industry and integrated the industry. After consolidating the foundation of the main business, the NewPearl Group adjusted the development strategies again which was to expand itself outward. The Group marched on the real estate industry in 2009 and invested the Guangdong CJD Architecture Design Co., Ltd which was qualified in design and met the national Class A level and held its share as well. Since then, it had access to a new stage of achieving integration of industry chain and stepped on a new road of efficient integration of industry chain and innovative development which was based on ceramics and then integrated the industry chain.